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How to turn on the gas heater? How many degrees is it suitable to burn in a day?

How to Turn on Gas Heating Furnace

Firstly, the outlet end of the pressure relief valve is connected with the hose, and fixed with a clamp. The other end of the pressure relief valve is connected with the gas tank.

Second, open the valve of the gas tank.

Thirdly, press the black knob on the heater, turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise and release it quickly.

Fourth, while pressing the knob with the right hand, the left hand continuously pressed the red lighter switch until the burning head ignited.

Fifth, loosen the knob after igniting the fire, and turn counter-clockwise to make the fire smaller.

Sixth, when turning off the fire: make the knob in the position of maximum fire, press the knob, clockwise rotation to the OFF position.

How Many Degrees of Gas Heating Furnace Suitable

The temperature setting of domestic water for gas heating furnace should not exceed 50 C, the lowest point of non-intelligent furnace should be 42 degrees, and the lowest point of intelligent heating should be 38 degrees. If the lowest temperature is any lower, the heating purpose can not be achieved. Therefore, the general temperature adjustment in winter is better not to exceed 42 - 50 degrees, intelligence is between 38 - 50 degrees, time for two hours.

The anti-scaling characteristics of gas heating furnace also determine that the possibility of scaling will be greatly increased when the set water temperature of domestic water exceeds 50 C, and the scaling will inevitably affect the heat transfer efficiency of equipment.

How much gas does a gas heater burn in a day

1. Take 24 kW gas heater as an example. Under full load operation, it is about 2.3 cubic meters per hour. If it is 2.2 yuan per cubic meter, then it is 2.3*2.2=5.06 yuan for full-day operation. Considering the factors of heat preservation, according to one third of the boiler's working hours per day, it is 8 hours*5.06 yuan=40.48 yuan, which is a reference value. It is detailed by the power of the boiler. Habit, the insulation function of the house and many other factors affect it.
2. Gas-fired heating stoves do not waste a lot of heat on the pipeline like converging heating, so heating is very efficient. According to 100_square meters of houses, use the gas heating furnace with output power of 20 KW. The daily demand consumes about 8 cubic meters. According to the calculation of 2.4 yuan per cubic meter, the daily cost is about 19.2 yuan, and the monthly demand is 576 yuan. The operating cost of a heating season (3 months) is about 1728 yuan. Because the gas heater is not open all day in many cases, the operating cost will be less under careful calculation.

How to Use Gas-saving Heating Furnace

1. Strengthen the thermal insulation function of the house:

At the end of the gas heater, whether it is floor heating or heating sheet, if the house is not well insulated, indoor heat is lost to the outdoors through heat convection, and many outdoor cold air flows into the indoors. The gas heater keeps heating, and the gas consumption is natural. Double-glazed windows can save 20% of the power, if the thick window cloth is added to the doors and windows, it can save 5% to 10% of the power; before leaving the door, the doors and windows are all closed, and the windows are all pulled up to keep the house warm.

2. Adhere to appropriate indoor temperature:

Energy-saving and energy-saving of gas heating furnace should first control the room temperature scientifically. The ideal indoor temperature is 20 in the day and 15 to 17 in the night. Because the gas heating stove is usually open in winter, so the temperature setting should be very high and comfortable. In principle, the temperature of the outlet water (perhaps the return water temperature) should be lower than that of the warm one, the temperature of the outlet water (the return water temperature) should be higher when the weather is cold, the temperature difference of the start-up should be larger when the weather is warm, and the temperature difference of the start-up should be smaller when the weather is cold.

3. Economic operation when there is no one at home:

Many office workers will think so. They don't burn gas heating stoves at home and save money when they go home. In fact, they don't. If the gas heater is closed and placed after work for rapid heating, this is very unscientific, because it is equivalent to starting from scratch, because the temperature difference between room temperature and gas heater is large, and the gas heater needs to run at all times, so it is not only energy-saving, but also more waste of gas and add the time when the household freezes. And there is a risk that the gas heater or heat sink end will be frozen out.

4. Use indoor temperature controller:

Many household heating users do not install indoor computer temperature controllers, more is the heating water collector for temperature control, although this can also control indoor temperature, but there is no energy-saving temperature controllers, so it is advocated that users install temperature controllers, which will add a little initial cost, but more convenient and energy-saving. According to statistics, the use of indoor temperature controller can save 20-28% of the gas cost, but also can complete personalized temperature regulation and achieve the intention of energy saving.

5. Timing protection and maintenance:

After several years of operation, the gas heating furnace will present the condition of impurities, scale and low thermal efficiency. Compared with the two gas heating furnaces running under the same conditions, the heating speed of the gas heating furnaces after cleaning maintenance is 25% faster than that of the gas heating furnaces without cleaning maintenance, that is to say, it can save 25% of the gas on the original basis. Heating furnace can prolong the service life of equipment for 3-5 years.