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How to Use Gas in Wall-hanging Furnace and How to Use Gas-saving in Wall-hanging Boiler

一. How to Use Wall-hanging Furnace - First Use Steps

1. After installing the wall-mounted furnace, inject a certain amount of water into the wall-mounted furnace, fill the boiler with water from the water supply valve, pay attention to the observation of the wall-mounted furnace water pressure meter, when it reaches 1.5bar (i.e. 1.5kg pressure), water injection can be stopped.

2. Open the wall-hanging stove and turn on all the power switches of the wall-hanging stove, so that the wall-hanging stove can be connected to the power supply to start working.

3. The choice of mode wall-mounted stove generally has two different modes of heating and domestic hot water, so it will have two selective functions. In winter, we can use wall-mounted stove to provide heating and domestic hot water, and limited supply of hot water, but also can switch according to user's choice. If it is in summer, you can set the wall-mounted stove in standby state, only when using hot water will start the hot water mode.

4. There are two kinds of wall-mounted stoves with set temperature. One is single-function, which can only be heated. The other is a wall-mounted stove which combines heating and bathing. If it is a dual-function need to set the temperature of two, if it is heater heating, then set the temperature to 80 degrees, if it is floor heating, then set the temperature to 60 degrees. And the setting temperature of domestic hot water should be no higher than 50 degrees. Because we only need 42 degrees to take a bath.

5. Drainage and replenishment generally the water pressure inside wall-mounted furnace will always change. We need to replenish it every month or so. This can be replenished from the replenishment valve. If the internal water pressure is too high, it needs to be drained, and excess water needs to be discharged from the exhaust valve.

二. How to use wall-mounted boiler to save gas

1. If you are a worker, it is recommended to keep the boiler running at low temperature when you are not at home. Don't shut it down. This is more energy-saving than shutting it down when you go out and heating it immediately when you go home. 2. If you are not at home for a long time, when the boiler or heating may be frozen out, it is better to let off the water of the boiler or heating plate.

3. At night, the heating temperature can be lowered appropriately and set at about 15 degrees is the most appropriate. This will save a lot of money in the next month.

4. Don't switch water frequently when taking a bath, because every switch must restart the wall-mounted stove switch, each time it will release cold water for several seconds, which will cause unnecessary waste.

3. Answering Questions on Safety of Gas Wall-hanging Furnace

1. Will smoke poisoning or chest tightness occur? All large-brand gas wall-mounted furnaces are compulsory smoke exhaust (with fans) balanced (with pressure switches). When wall-mounted furnaces work, they absorb air and exhaust gas separately through independent intake and exhaust pipes. Therefore, both smoke exhaust and intake are carried out outdoors and do not consume indoor air. Both of them have nothing to do with indoor air, and their safety is guaranteed. At the same time, experts remind users that gas facilities must be installed by professionals. If abnormalities are found in use, they must contact professional maintenance personnel for inspection and maintenance in time. In addition, regular checks should be made to check whether there is leakage in the gas connection pipeline. If leakage is found, the gas main valve and the stove front valve should be cut off immediately, doors and windows should be opened, any electrical appliances should be strictly prohibited from opening or closing, and all kinds of fires should be strictly prohibited.

2. Will no one freeze the fireplace in winter? Wall-hanging stove is the most expensive and technical equipment in heating system. If wall-hanging stove is damaged by freezing, it will be more troublesome to maintain, and the cost is higher. Therefore, experts remind users to do a good job in the anti-freezing work of wall-hanging stove. At present, all brands of gas wall-hanging stoves generally have automatic anti-freezing function, which is very convenient and humane. As long as the freeze-proof procedure is adjusted in advance, the freeze-proof procedure will be forced to start when the wall-hanging stove is close to 5 degrees Celsius to protect the wall-hanging stove, but the water, electricity and gas in the house must be guaranteed to be sufficient and unblocked. In order to prevent the wall-hanging stove from freezing when no one is at home in winter, the correct anti-freezing measures are as follows:

Firstly, when no one is at home for a short period of time (less than a week), the wall-hanging furnace temperature can be set to the lowest, and then the wall-hanging furnace will run at the lowest temperature.

Second, when there is no one at home for a long time, the water in the wall-hanging stove and heating system can be completely cleaned. However, it should be noted that before this operation, please take full account of other indoor pipelines, such as water pipes will never freeze. Otherwise, please do not close the wall-mounted furnace and keep it running at low temperature.

3. What safety protection devices do wall-mounted furnaces have? Generally speaking, gas wall-mounted furnaces have dozens of protective functions, such as overheating protection, water shortage protection, combustion failure protection, system overpressure protection, exhaust air safety protection, air shortage protection, anti-freezing protection, anti-lock protection of pumps, power outage, self-locking protection of gas break, etc.

Wall-hanging furnace is a special equipment with high integration of water, electricity and gas. It is unavoidable to have problems in long-term operation, so regular maintenance is very important. Regular cleaning and maintenance of wall-hanging furnace can effectively reduce the load of main components, reduce the wear and tear of operating components, reduce the failure rate, thus prolong the service life of wall-hanging furnace and make its operation more smoothly. With regard to the purchase of wall-hanging stoves, experts suggest that regular and qualified units must purchase wall-hanging stoves, and the products of wall-hanging stoves should have three certificates, including "Production License", "Inspection Report" and "Energy Efficiency Inspection Report", so as not to buy back products that do not meet the installation specifications and bury hidden safety hazards for the home.