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Faults of air pressure switch of strong exhaust water heater and maintenance methods of water heater

Breakdown of Air Pressure Switch of Strong Drain Water Heater

Check steps:

1. Open the intake valve and observe whether the fretting switch of the water-air valve is closed and connected, and whether the fan is running normally.

2. If the micro-switch and fan work normally, and the igniter does not ignite, then the air pressure switch will be shortened. If the igniter does not ignite, it will be the ignition control problem.

3. If the ignition works properly, it can be judged that the air pressure switch assembly is out of order.

Reason analysis:

1. Loose or incorrect insertion of the pressure transfer tube or improper connection with the low-voltage outlet leads to leakage pressure, negative pressure decreases, and the air pressure switch can not be closed.

2. Blockage of smoke pipe, excessive length of pipe, excessive bending angle, excessive external wind pressure and so on cause blockage of exhaust and decrease of negative pressure, and negative pressure switch can not be closed.

3. The terminal of micro-switch is oxidized and rusted or the spring is weak. Cause bad contact or inactivity.

4. Air pressure switch assembly damage, such as diaphragm aging perforation spring force increases.

Judgment method:

1. Re-install and adjust the pressure transfer tube. If the air pressure switch can work properly, it can be judged to be the problem of the pressure transfer tube.

2. Remove the flue pipe test machine, if the fan switch can work properly, it can be judged that the problem of the flue pipe or the external wind pressure is too large.

3. There is oxidative rust at the terminal of micro-switch. When the small axis of the visual switch moves, the multimeter is adjusted to the minimum range of ohmic gear to measure whether the micro-switch is closed or not; if not, it can be judged to be a micro-switch problem.

4. Whether the small axis of the visual switch acts or not; if it does not, it can be determined that it is a diaphragm or spring problem.

Processing methods:

1. Re-install the pressure transfer tube and clamp it tightly until it is leaky.

2. Clean up the blockage and debris in the flue, shorten the flue pipe appropriately, reduce the bend angle and tighten the windproof device.

3. Remove oxide layer with abrasive cloth or replace air pressure switch assembly.

4. Replacement of air pressure switch assembly, no adjustment of spring force is allowed. Because when the air pressure switch leaves the factory, the elasticity has been adjusted according to the design requirements, and the pressure regulating screw has been sealed with glass glue. If the pressure regulating screw is twisted forcibly, the seal is damaged, which causes the pressure difference between the left and right chambers to be unable to form and the air pressure switch to be unable to operate.

Troubleshooting of Gas Water Heater

I. Unsmooth ignition

The main reasons for difficult ignition or non-ignition are carbon deposit in fire nozzles and electric heaters, or fouling in water valve filter screen. Cleaning methods: check the fire nozzles and electric heaters, find carbon deposits, clean; if the water valve filter screen scale, can open the intake pipe, take out the filter screen water cleaning, can also be directly cleaned in the pipeline, after cleaning the intake pipe installed.

2. Incomplete extinguishing

Incomplete extinguishing will lead to the increase of harmful gases and serious pollution of the environment. The main reasons are heat exchanger and main extinguishing attack infarction. Cleaning method: check the heat exchanger into the extinguisher, and stop cleaning to make it unobstructed.

3. Valve can't be opened

After the water valve is opened, as long as the open fire lasts, there is no fire for burning water. The main reason is that the tympanic membrane of the exhaust nozzle bursts and the valve cannot be opened. Sweeping method: Purchase a new tympanic membrane and replace it. In the process of replacement, it is necessary to avoid installing hollow screw on the tympanic membrane in reverse. Otherwise, replace the new tympanic membrane and open the air valve.

IV. Burning out of Copper Tube

The most vulnerable to damage is the copper tube directly above the Changming Fire. The main reason is that under the condition of water shutdown, low water pressure or long open fire, the management wall of copper pipe is burned into flaws. Cleaning method: In case of emergency, temporary fuse can be used to plug the eye. When used up, the gas water heater can be unloaded, the water in the water pipe can be drained, and the leaking eye can be welded firmly with electric soldering iron. In order that the place will not be burned out in the future, an iron sheet can be installed at the copper pipe opposite the Changming Fire to block the Changming Fire. In this way, the copper tube can be named for this place for 3-5 years.

5. Scaling of heat storage sheets

Scaling of heat storage sheet will affect heat absorption and ventilation. The main reason is that it has been used for a long time and the indoor air is not circulating. Cleaning method: Clean up the dirt between the heat storage blades. If the dirt is too thick, grind the steel saw blade into a slant knife shape, reward the dirt to be cleaned quietly, and blow the dirt off with bicycle air cylinder. Finally, it is necessary to use a steel saw blade or other tools to distribute the heat storage blade evenly so as to avoid affecting the heat storage and ventilation.