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What are the types of gas water heaters? The disadvantages and advantages of four kinds of gas water heaters

1. Advantages and disadvantages of straight-row water heaters

Characteristic: The air needed for combustion comes from the room, and the smoke produced by combustion is also arranged in the room.

Advantages: small size, low price, gas saving, easy installation and use.

Disadvantage: Poor ventilation can produce carbon monoxide. (Note: Use is now prohibited)

2. Advantages and disadvantages of flue water heater

Features: The air required for the water heater to work is taken from the indoor, while the smoke generated by combustion is discharged outdoors through the flue.

Advantages: It is safer than straight row, and the water yield can also be increased to 8-10 liters/minute.

Disadvantage: Large volume, installation is difficult. (Note: Use is now prohibited)

3. Advantages and disadvantages of balanced water heater

Characteristic: The air needed for combustion comes from indoor, and the smoke produced by combustion is discharged outdoors.

Advantages: The gas of the water heater is insulated from the interior, and the combustion is independent of the interior. It belongs to the completely safe water heater.

Disadvantage: Water heater installation should be close to the external wall, and to open a hole, installation is more troublesome.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of strong drainage water heater

Features: An exhaust fan is installed at the outlet of the water heater, which strongly exhausts the burning flue gas outdoors.

Advantages: high wind pressure, indoor environment has little impact on water heater, and it is safer to use.

Disadvantage: AC is required, which can not be used when power failure, and the price is high.