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How to Correctly Maintain Gas Pipeline Reform and Maintenance

Regular inspection of pipelines

Frequently check the aging, rupture, damage and other phenomena of gas supply pipeline. Once found, it must be dealt with in time, and do a good job of gas leakage prevention. The hose shall not be used for more than 18 months.

Check regularly for leaks

Regular use of soap water to check the joints, switches, hoses and other parts of natural gas equipment. If air bubbles are found, indicating that there is air leakage, the windows should be opened for ventilation. At this time, switch electrical appliances and use open fire should be strictly prohibited. The gas main valve should be closed and the gas service department should be found to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Do not leave inflammable and explosive articles near the pipeline

Do not store inflammable and explosive materials beside the gas pipeline, and try to avoid open fire contacting the gas source and gas pipeline to ensure safety. Open windows and keep natural ventilation.

Can't move gas pipeline casually

Do not suspect that the gas pipeline will affect the appearance of the pipeline, but shift, disassemble, refit or bury it privately. Before using the pipeline, you must read carefully the safety brochure issued by the company, operate according to the instructional procedure, and close the gas main valve after using it.

Cautions for Daily Use

After the daily use of gas, besides closing the switch of the gas appliances themselves, the valve should also be closed and the gas source should be cut off. Before going out and falling asleep at night, remember to check that all the gas switch and air source ball valve are closed, and form a good habit of using gas safely. If you go out for a long time, close the ball valve in front of the gas meter to prevent leakage.