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Selection of Electric Heating Furnace

1. Choosing service: Most people think that when they sell their products, manufacturers are eloquent in explaining their advantages, promising after-sales service in a variety of ways, but they can not really do as promised. Constant temperature control, regular turn on and off, rational use of electric energy, 40 - 80 C can be adjusted at will, under the same conditions than coal-fired is also saved. Multiple protection is very safe with double leakage protection, anti-dry burning protection, no pollution of indoor air, over-temperature alarm, safety interference, fast heating efficiency, high start-up for 1 minute, heater hot water from the inner tank to the heater.

2. Selected power: The same brand has a variety of power options. Selected power, waste of funds, waste of energy. The selected power is small, the waste of funds and energy is small, but it can not meet the requirements of use. The outlet temperature of electric heating furnace is above 70 and the temperature of heater sheet is above 75 in 30 minutes. Pressure-free water heating cycle one machine with non-drying pressure-free water heating cycle, to meet the various types of room heating, to avoid drying, no need to humidify. In the process of heating and using electric heating furnace, according to the corresponding standard setting, the corresponding design forms are fully used in the specific process of using, showing important contributions in the specific winter heating.

3. Selection technology: The wall hanging furnace is mainly compared with the core components, the core heating technology of products, and the selection of accessories. The core technology of the heater must be the separation of water and electricity, so that the heater is not easy to produce scale, has a longer service life, reduces heat attenuation, and the stability of the control system, as well as the selection of circulating pumps.

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